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07-11-2009 opengeodb.hoppe-media.com Wiki draws on this wiki

Please have some patience: the contents are as much link building </ span> as possible on this wiki pulled together, as the old wiki there apparently had a security leak.

=== 18-06-2007 === OpenGeoDB-wiki

For several weeks running on fa-technik.adfc.de/code Test mode mycaal.com / loan modification </ span> with a OpenGeoDB simple-wiki. There are always subject to change, and recent data available. The data structure was extended to version OpenGeoDB (eg Datenypen new "part of" and "type").

=== 01-12-2006 === Wiki Database eviction The database has been cleaned OpenGeoDB wiki up Much of the article, the [gwde [: GISWiki | GISWiki]] from the was taken over, have been deleted.

19-03-2006 infoOGDB - A browser for OpenGeoDB

InfoOGDB ]]'[[ is a collection of PHP scripts for viewing the data and its graphical representation.

... more


The version 0.2.4d is out

  • DE-Sachsen-Anhalt mergers completed

01-03-2006 OpenGeoNearestNeighbours - A radius search for OpenGeoDB

OpenGeoNearestNeighbours ]]'[[ is a collection of PHP classes and a sample application with the help of a search radius can be realized.

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=== 28-02-2006 === Logo Contest

OpenGeoDB the project currently lacks a logo under Which it immediately can recognize. Manuel, the initiator of all OpenGeoDB calls "designer" to help to develop these proposals and to 15 March to send it to him. In an election then the final logo chosen

[Mailto: m.hoppe-PB11GaZ88dLmnL8Y2IFfrQ @ public.gmane.org e-mail to Manuel]


The version 0.2.4c is out there

  • Better data consistency,
  • Saxony-Anhalt incorporations and management communities,

08-02-2006 - Mobile GIS

OpenGeoDB Goes Mobile with OpenGeoDB Mobile.


The 0.2.4b version is out

  • New data (Hildburghausen);
  • Addition of numbers of inhabitants in the USA (about 5675 pieces)
  • Additions and corrections in the context of municipal reform, Saxony-Anhalt
  • Corrections and amendments within the scope of consistency checks.

07-02-2006 - discussions to expand the database

Currently, once again extending the OpenGeoDB database is discussed.

07-02-2006 - Donations

Should work on the OpenGeoDB funded through donations?

  • OpenGeoDB - Finance
  • [Http: / / lists.phpbar.de/pipermail/opengeodb/2006-February/003054.html discussion in the newsgroup]

07-02-2006 - Admin brainstorming tool for spatial data maintenance

The brainstorming will be used to collect all the desired functionality. On this basis, wants to create a kind of tender documents.